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Track your actions, connect with your friends,
and train with the best!
Our Mission

Our mission is to unite the world of cheer and create a happier and healthier culture for millions of athletes around the world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower athletes to take charge of their life and reward them for their efforts

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How The App Works

Track Your Actions -  

Score points

Post your videos and score points every time you track your actions. 

Find your friends & Cheer them on

Follow your friends, create team groups, and share your videos.

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Training Content:

Learn from the best

Subscribe to our premium content and get all our workouts from the best coaches in the industry.

Follow Your Favorite Channels

With CheerLife premium, Follow all your favorite channels for blogs, podcasts, events, competitions, brands, and more!

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"WOW!!! Cheer Life is so awesome! This is going to be the newest and coolest thing to hit the cheer industry since the megaphone. I can’t wait for every cheerleader to start sharing accomplishments, encouraging each other and working towards goals with the help of their Cheer Life friends from all over the world!! Just the time I have been looking through it, I see something interesting everyday and how this will help gyms run better, athletes do better and most of all bring a new level of FUN to cheer!!"



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