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How to Use the CheerLife App

Learn about our core features and how to use the CheerLife app

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How Athletes can use CheerLife

1. Action Tracking.png

Track Your ACTIONS

Track all your daily actions like stunting, tumbling, working out, did your homework, positive attitude, and more.


The more actions you track, the more points you score! Show your hard work and get recognized by your coaches, teammates, and others on the app!

3. Training Content.png
2. Leaderboard.png


Subscribe and get all our workouts, tips and drill from the best coaches around the world. Content for tumbling, stunting, jumps, fitness, dances, and more!


Follow your favorite blogs, events, sponsors, and more here. Don’t miss out on any cool videos, information or news anymore!

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How Gyms can use CheerLife

1. Create your free group.png

Easy to use GROUP CHATS

Keep your communication simple by using our chat feature inside your group. No more missed emails, unnecessary calls, or needing to give your phone number out!

3. Hold your kids accountable.png

Create your FREE GROUP

Create your group for simple and easy communication and accountability of your athletes and parents. Easy to share & easy to join!

2. Group Chats.png

Hold your kids ACCOUNTABLE

Have your athletes track their actions like their work outs or when they do their homework! Now its easier than ever for coaches to recognize an athletes hard work!

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